Resetare InSP Astra G

Mod de resetare contor “InSP”: 1. Se intrerupe contactul motorului, cheia va fi pe pozitia “O” 2. Se apasa butonul de resetare si se tine apasat (este butonul de la reset – aducere la zero – km realizati zilnic) 3. Se stabileste contactul motor, tinandu-se totodata cateva secunde si butonul reset km apasat 4. Dupa […]

Export to Excel in Rails: to_xls Plugin

This gem transform an Array into a excel file using the spreadsheet gem. Usage @users = User.all @users.to_xls @users.to_xls(:headers => false) @users.to_xls(:columns => [:name, :role]) @users.to_xls(:columns => [:name, {:company => [:name, :address]}]) @users.to_xls(:columns => [:name, {:company => [:name, :address]}], :headers => [:name, :company, :address]) In order to send a file from the controller, you can […]

WordPress Post-Install Setup on Dreamhost

Once you’ve completed your installation of WordPress, login to the admin panel and from the Settings-> General tab, you’ll need to set your WordPress address to the folder you installed WordPress (without the trailing slash) and set the Blog address to your blog’s root address (without the trailing slash). In a text or HTML editor, open […]